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Storm Aurora hits North of France causing massive outages

16:31, 21 October 2021
Storm Aurora hits North of France causing massive outages Photo: chematierra/twitter.com

Storm Aurora has occurred in the northern part of France and Paris, taking down trees and leaving thousands without electricity for hours.

Aurora had approached north of France closer to the evening on Wednesday, rapidly increasing its power, thus the force of the wind had been increased up to 108,7 mph (175kmh), according to The Local.

Around 250,000 homes suffered from the outage as the most households were reported to have lost electricity in Normandy and Brittany.

The calamity has partially destroyed houses when some of them were reported to have their roofs blown away. The speed of wind equaled to 108,7 mph was registered in Normandy, in the town of Fecamp at night.

The emergency services reported that numerous trees were seen on roads blocking the way to go.

Finistere town of Brittany has registered a wind velocity up to 86,9 mph (140kmh) at its peak. An uninhabited structure in the region was reported to have completely collapsed.

The storm has also affected the transport system in the impacted region as the suburban RER and Transilien lines were unable to function properly mostly due to fallen trees on the rails. The consequences of the storm led to numerous ride cancellations and delays. Some parks, along with Jardin du Luxembourg, were also closed due to the damage assessment procedure.

On the last day of summer 2021, hurricane Ida approached Grand Isle, Louisiana, considerably damaging every single structure in the location as around 40% of the houses were completely or nearly destroyed. Before Ida got closer to Grand Isle, it had caused a massive outage in New Orleans leaving roughly a million of citizens without electricity.