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Storm causes deadly flooding in parts of Italy’s island of Sicily (VIDEO)

10:35, 27 October 2021
Storm causes deadly flooding in parts of Italy’s island of Sicily (VIDEO) Photo: ORIETTA SCARDINO/EPA/TASS

A severe storm lashed the southern part of Italy’s island of Sicily turning the streets into lakes and killing at least two people. 

The southern part of Sicily has been suffering from storms for the third day. The consequences of heavy torrential rains resulted in massive floods, which brought dozens of cars completely underwater and deluged numerous buildings in the region. As of now, the calamity has been pronounced to take away the lives of two people.

One from the Misericordia’s group of volunteers, which assists rescuers, said that a man's body was found under the car during the storm in the town of Gravina, north of Catania. Police confirmed the death with no further details provided.

On Monday, a 67-year-old man was killed when his car was battered by rising waters and dirt.

The centre of Catania faced a blackout amid the worsening situation on the streets.

Mayor of Catania, Salvo Pogliese posted a message on Facebook ordering people to stay indoors except in cases of emergency.

The rising level of floodwaters has also partially affected a ward at Catania’s Garibaldi hospital, according to local media.

A spokesman for the firefighters said that the situation has been extremely critical and has not “seemed to be improving.”

The Italian weather forecast website said that the affected region has faced a rare cyclone known as a Medicane and the sea level exceeded its average temperature by eight degrees for this time of year.

The deployed emergency services and firefighters, along with numerous volunteers, have been conducting various rescue missions, including saving people from trapped cars and houses.

The storm is still ongoing and it is expected to reach the peak between Thursday and Friday.