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Swedish PM Stefan Lofven to resign from post in November

18:06, 22 August 2021
Swedish PM Stefan Lofven to resign from post in November Photo: pixabay.com

The decision was taken a year before the next general elections in the country.

Social Democrat Stefan Lofven announced on Sunday his decision to step down as Sweden’s Prime Minister in November. He has occupied the position since 2014.

The PM told about his decision during the annual summer speech. He has already warned his party that he would also be dismissed as the Chairman.

In his statement, Lofven called the years he spent as the party leader and the PM “fantastic” highlighting that the decision comes not without sadness, and expressed a desire to leave the best conditions to his successor before the 2022 elections in Sweden.

Lofven has been leading the Social Democrats since 2012. The party is currently the largest in Sweden and has 100 seats in the country’s Parliament out of 349.

Swedish Social Democratic Party has announced no candidatures to take the position, but Swedish media presumed that Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson can possibly become the Head.

The party’s new leader will be chosen during a party congress on November 3-7. As it follows from the Constitution of Sweden, the candidate will have to be approved as Prime Minister by the Riksdag (National Parliament).

Earlier this year Lofven lost a no-confidence vote and resigned, but retook office in July after the main opposition party the Moderates had not managed to form a new government.