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Turkey arrests 4 Russians on military espionage charges

12:09, 21 October 2021
Turkey arrests 4 Russians on military espionage charges Photo: Holger Hollemann/dpa/Global Look Press

Turkish police have conducted the arrests of six suspects, four of them are Russians, on charges of espionage and preparation of an armed attack on Chechen oppositionists, according to TRT Haber that informed about the operation on Thursday.

According to the state broadcaster, Turkish officials said that the suspects were taken into custody on October 8. The police revealed the initials of the arrested: Russians Abdulla Abdullaev, Ravshan Akhmedov, Beslan Rasaev, and Aslanbek Abdulmuslimov, Ukrainian Igor Efrim, and Uzbek Amir Yusupov.

The suspects were caught at around 03:00 am local time in Istanbul and Antalya.

The trial against the arrested will go under a charge of “political or military espionage,” which implies 15-20 years behind bars if guilty, according to Turkish TV.

“It is alleged that the suspects were preparing armed actions targeting Chechen dissidents in Turkey and that they were engaged in obtaining guns and planning these acts,” the report says.

Earlier, the Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan, said that the country was intending to go on purchasing Russia’s S-400 missile defense systems despite the US imposing sanctions on Turkey due to the deal with Russia.