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UK university’s students demand spelling their gender pronouns

18:51, 30 October 2021
UK university’s students demand spelling their gender pronouns Photo: Alberto Pezzali/Global Look Press

Students of Leeds University in the UK demanded their university officials to spell their gender pronouns during gatherings and conferences.

They students signed a letter addressed to Simone Buitendjik who is the university’s vice-chancellor.

In it they also asked her to include her own pronouns to demonstrate her standing with the LGBT community. 

Buitendjik in the new vice-chancellor of the university as the previous official has left after a another letter was signed were the staff was accused of holding an anti-LGBT position.

In the letter it is asked of her to “rapidly address and effectively rectify the current discriminatory situation,” and called for “a culture which encourages the sharing of pronouns when, for example, in meetings and seminars.”

Leeds University in its response said that it denies the accusations however agrees on the fact that it needs to work further to make the environment more friendly for LGBT people.

'We strongly deny the assertion that we have created a "hostile environment" for transgender staff and students, but recognise that we need to do more to alleviate concerns that have been put to us and are working with our community to do so,” it said in a statement.

'We have a clear and unwavering commitment to ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion for all. The use of pronouns — in emails or in meetings — is a personal choice. We do not have policies on this, but do provide support and resources to help inform that choice,” it added.