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Ukraine discloses cost of coronavirus vaccine

13:25, 19 November 2020
Ukraine discloses cost of coronavirus  vaccine Photo: pexels.com

The vaccine against coronavirus infection will cost Ukraine $14 per person, Deputy Health Minister and Chief Sanitary Doctor of the country Viktor Lyashko said.

The drug will be supplied under the international COVAX mechanism, which aims to provide all countries with coronavirus vaccines on an equitable basis.

According to the deputy minister, Ukraine has already received eight million doses. They are intended for four million people, each of whom will receive two doses during vaccination. Thus, the cost of each dose is $7, argumenti.ru reports.

However, the country will receive this batch for free. Additional doses of the vaccine will have to be purchased for public funds, which must be considered when preparing Ukraine's draft budget for 2021 for the second reading.

Twenty percent of the population will be vaccinated within COVAX. The funds that will be budgeted for the purchase of the vaccine can be spent on additional purchases of vaccines in order to vaccinate as many Ukrainians as possible, Lyashko said.

The deputy minister added that 2.6 million hryvnias (about $ 92,300) were allocated in the country's budget for 2021 to be used for these purposes in the first reading. He noted that it would be necessary to calculate whether this money will be enough or not by the second reading.

The risk of contracting coronavirus at home can be reduced by remembering to ventilate the rooms, NEWS.ru reported earlier.