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Watch Belgian police use water cannons and tear gas to disperse protests

20:27, 05 December 2021
Watch Belgian police use water cannons and tear gas to disperse protests Photo: pixabay.com

As the demonstration turned violent, law enforcement agents deployed tear gas and water cannons against protesters who threw rocks and burnt objects.

Several thousand people gathered in the streets of Belgium’s capital Brussels on Sunday to protest against anti-COVID measures taken by the government. Though initially the manifestation progressed peacefully, at a certain point activists started launching rocks and fireworks at law enforcement agents who made a harsh response.

The Belgians demanding the elimination of health passports and saying no to compulsory vaccination marched towards the headquarters of European Union institutions where the destination point had been set. They carried banners saying “Yes to vaccine, no to big brother”, “Disgraceful pass”, “Daily fascism” and others calling the restrictions discriminatory.

A woman even brought an alpaca to the demonstration.

After the protesters had reached the final point, a group of people wearing dark clothes and hiding faces, showed a more aggressive attitude to the actions and started pelting police officers with rocks and vandalizing the streets. The reaction of Brussel’s police was tough as they deployed water cannons and tears gas.

Some of the protesters received a direct round into the body and were knocked off their feet.

On Friday Belgian authorities presented new restrictions as the country became the first member of the European Union to detect the new COVID strain named Omicron.