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Watch Volcano Etna begins to erupt

09:12, 25 October 2021
Watch Volcano Etna begins to erupt Photo: Andrei Kamenev/Russian Look/Global Look Press

The volcano Etna located on the Italian island of Sicily began to erupt and forced the cancellation of flights.

It’s been reported that a prominent Italian Volcano started erupting on Saturday as the local residents witnessed the 10 meters high plume of smoke above Etna.

The airport Catania-Fontanarossa reported that the work of the airport could be interrupted. 

The meteorological services predicted the plums of ashes might move straight over Greece, where it will trigger even more disruption.

Etna erupted a couple of times this year however the current explosion can be more dangerous since February.

The Italian Volcano produced more than tens of millions of tons of lava and seven million tons of carbon dioxide during the eruption earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the La Palma volcano in Canary island continues to erupt. 

President of the Canary Islands Angel Víctor Torres announced on October 17 that the volcanic eruption that had hit the Canary Islands was not bound to end in the near future. The President referred to scientists’ reports on the event.

The volcano eruption took place on September 19. Around 7,000 citizens have been evacuated from the area since that date. La Palma lava has devoured more than 742 hectares (1830 acres) of land so far while the number of the buildings ruined has approached 2,000.