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Yellow member of German ‘traffic light’ coalition approves governing union

21:40, 05 December 2021
Yellow member of German ‘traffic light’ coalition approves governing union Photo: Wolfgang Kumm/dpa /Global Look Press

The Free Democratic Party members voted with a large majority to form Germany’s new ruling coalition with the SPD and the Greens.

The liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP) approved on Sunday a coalition accord with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Greens. This is the first step to formalize the so-called ‘traffic light’ coalition named after the parties’ respective colors and put an end to Angela Merkel’s 16-year term in office.

Around 660 members of the FDP took part in the voting while 92.2% of them backed the coalition formation.

The Greens are expected to announce the outcome of their internal survey on Monday. Since they are likely to approve the agreement as well, the coalition hopes to see the SPD leader Olaf Scholz swear in Germany’s Chancellor post on Wednesday after the Bundestag (the lower house of parliament) votes on Wednesday.

The leader of the coalition’s “yellow color” Christian Lindner has called the agreement “a new departure” for Germany.

“Germany is waiting for this new departure,” the FDP head said.

The new ruling coalition has earlier revealed details about the new government. Lindner will become the country’s Finance Minister while the Greens’ leader Annalena Baerbock will be appointed new Foreign Minister.

The coalition was declared on November 24 by Olaf Scholz whose party won general elections in September.

The first similar coalition in Germany’s history intends to prioritize reforms aiming at fighting climate change and introduce a more liberal domestic policy.