AstraZeneca accused of wanting to make profit on COVID-19 vaccine

19:33, 12 November 2021
AstraZeneca accused of wanting to make profit on COVID-19 vaccine Photo:

After AstraZeneca announced that from now on it plans to make profit on its COVID-19 vaccine, Oxfam which is a confederation of 20 charity organizations accused it of breaking its previous promise.

Until now AstraZeneca did not make profit from the vaccine as it promised to keep selling it at cost until the pandemic ends.

"We started this project to help... but we also said that at some stage in the future, we will transition to commercial orders,” the company’s chief executive Pascal Soriot said in a statement.

He added that the new price will not be high as the company aims to keep it affordable for everyone. 

"It will never be high priced. Because we want the vaccine to remain affordable to everybody around the world."

According to him, the pandemic has ended and gave way to an endemic which means that there are still infections but now they are a part of everyday life.

"AstraZeneca is breaking its repeated and celebrated public promises of a non-profit vaccine for all countries for the duration of this pandemic and to never to make a profit in any low- and middle-income country from this publicly funded vaccine,” Oxfam’s health policy manager Anna Marriott said.

He continued saying that considering the pandemic is over is false as over 98% of people in poorest countries are not yet vaccinated. 

Astrazeneca has released over 1.5 billion doses in over 170 countries.

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