Australian Forbes prepares to evacuate due to flood waters warning

09:36, 15 November 2021
Australian Forbes prepares to evacuate due to flood waters warning Photo: Sergey Bulkin/

The Australian central-western part of New South Wales is under threat of deluge as authorities warn residents of Forbes and communities nearby of possible evacuations.

The warnings came after the level of the Upper Lachlan River was increased due to heavy rains and put communities in danger. The decision to prevent casualties and horrendous consequences was to evacuate properties and the number may reach up to 1.000 units of homes.

There were around 1.500 incoming emergency calls from residents who asked for assistance and 29 flood rescues in NSW due to recent poor weather, according to State Emergency Service Superintendent Greg Swindells. Some 100 calls were made in just 24 hours.

“The community out at Forbes are quite resilient. They’ve been preparing for this with us and the local council since June,” Swindells said.

The considerable increase of water has been predicted by the Bureau of Meteorology as it said that water levels by Tuesday may reach a similar mark or higher as it happened back in 2016 when flood waters reached Forbes and damaged infrastructure. 

Swindells also said that in the current period flood waters take “a little bit longer” to reach Forbes comparable to previous warnings.

The peak of a high level of flood waters is expected to happen sometime on Tuesday or Wednesday so the State Emergency Service recommends the communities be prepared to evacuate by Tuesday.

“If you are in Forbes, your best opportunity is to start preparing your home or business and make arrangements to move to safety before flooding starts affecting you,” the SES reported.