Baldwin’s Instagram post defends conditions on Rust movie set

15:10, 04 November 2021
Baldwin’s Instagram post defends conditions on Rust movie set

The actor Alec Baldwin who has shot his colleague Halyna Hutchins from a prop gun on the Rust movie set defended the conditions of the work on the movie.

Following the accident, the shooting of the movie was said to have been accompanied by unsafe working conditions, however in several Instagram posts on Baldwin’s account they were dismissed.

The posts are screenshots of Therese Magpale Davis who has worked as a costume designer on the set.

"The story being spun of us being overworked and surrounded by unsafe, chaotic conditions is bull****. The misfires were accidental discharges, which are more common than you think," Davis said. 

Dave Halls, who has handed Baldwin the gun, "never seemed flippant" when it came to safety, although "he screwed up majorly that day," she added. 

Davis said that she still has anger but understands that it was not Halls’ fault.

"He made the most horrible call he could make. I am heartbroken and furious that he did so and I will never get the sound of that gunshot or my director's screams out of my head as a result. My friend is dead. Am I angry with him? Yes. But I won't jump on the bandwagon and pretend that he was uncaring about our safety the whole way through."

 She added that conditions on the set were comfortable as any issues would be addressed straightaway.

"These producers who supposedly don't care about their crew have worked tirelessly alongside us. They cared about us while we all worked together and they continue to care."