Bangladesh police: Seven Rohingya refugees killed in camp

16:05, 22 October 2021
Bangladesh police: Seven Rohingya refugees killed in camp Photo:

At least 7 Rohingya refugees were killed in a camp in Bangladesh-Myanmar, according to the Bangladeshi police.

Some of the dead were killed with fire weapons while others were stabbed to death.

The four refugees that received minor injuries later died in a hospital in the Balukhali camp.

The number of the wounded was not reported.

Following the incident the attacker was instantly found by the police and taken into custody.

“We arrested one attacker immediately after the incident,” Shihab Kaisar Khan, regional chief for an armed police battalion, told the press.

The criminal had a gun, six rounds of ammunition and a knife.

The tensions in the camp started after the leader of the community Mohibullah was killed in the camp around three weeks ago.

Several people were arrested in connection to his killing.

Following the killing, border patrols were strengthened and the lookout for drug dealers would increase.

The motivation of the killer is unknown however considering the number of kills he will appear in the court and receive no sympathy.