Beijing demands from Washington to correct 'erroneous actions' on sanctions

15:44, 22 December 2020
Beijing demands from Washington to correct 'erroneous actions' on sanctions Photo: EPA/WU HONG/ТАСС

The Chinese authorities have expressed their resolute protest over new sanctions that Washington has imposed on several Chinese companies, spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wang Wenbin said.

The Chinese side is strongly opposed to this, calls on the United States to immediately correct its erroneous actions, Wenbin said.

The diplomat demanded that the United States provide fair opportunities for foreign companies, including Chinese ones. Otherwise, the necessary measures will be taken to protect their legitimate interests. Wang Wenbin emphasized that Washington exerts political pressure on Chinese companies and abuses export controls under the guise of protecting state security.

The spokesman said that it undermines the principles of free trade and creates a serious threat to global production and supply chains. reported earlier that the US Department of Commerce released a list of 103 companies from China and Russia associated with the military forces subject to export restrictions.