Biden to warn Putin of imminent penalties if Russia invades Ukraine

14:14, 07 December 2021
Biden to warn Putin of imminent penalties if Russia invades Ukraine Photo: White House/via

US President Biden is due to join a video conference with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin scheduled on later Tuesday to inform that Russia will face toughest sanctions ever if the country initiates a military attack on Ukraine, according to US officials.

Sanctions will be aimed at largest Russian banks and they can affect the process of conversion of the Russian ruble into other currencies, the officials said. The purpose for it is to deter Vladimir Putin from using the army which has been near the Ukrainian frontier, the officials added.

Russia has brought thousands of troops along with hardware to the Ukrainian border, the sources repeatedly say.

An official from the Biden administration said that the country has already determined a row of sanctions to impose on Moscow in case Russia invades its neighboring country. 

On Monday Biden held talks with the European major nations leaders to discuss the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and to identify penalties which can be imposed on the Russian Federation. Biden consulted with UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and France’s President Emmanuel Macron.

Russia in turn denied all the claims that it intends to invade Ukraine and emphasized that the military gathered near the frontier are pursuing only defensive purposes. 

Moreover, Russian President Putin underlined that the joint drills of Ukraine and its western allies also raise safety concerns for Russia. The President added that the “red line” for Russia would be the deployment of foreign weapons in Ukraine while Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Ukraine’s joining NATO would be also a “red line” for Moscow.