China dubs US democracy 'weapon of mass destruction' after Biden’s summit

14:31, 11 December 2021
China dubs US democracy 'weapon of mass destruction' after Biden’s summit Photo: imagebroker/Guenter Fischer/Global Look Press

Shortly after the White House imposed new sanctions on five countries including China, Beijing denounced once again in strong terms US President Joe Biden’s “Summit for Democracy”.

On Saturday China’s Foreign Ministry called American democracy a "weapon of mass destruction" and accused US officials of reviving the Cold War-era heritage. The slam comes briefly after the finish of US President Joe Biden’s virtual “Summit for Democracy” to which China was not invited.

"'Democracy' has long become a weapon of mass destruction used by the US to interfere in other countries," the Foreign Ministry spokesperson wrote in a statement published online.

According to the Foreign Ministry representative, the summit aims at marking borders of ideological divides, as well as at instrumentalizing and weaponizing democracy.

The Ministry has also accused the US of staging “color revolutions” worldwide and dubbed America’s democracy “corrupted”.

As a response to the summit, the PRC has presented its own project of “people’s integral democracy” implying strengthening of the Communist Party’s legitimacy.

China was not the only major state to get invited to the virtual summit. Russia, with whom the US has tensions concerning the situation on Ukraine’s borders, was left aside as well. At the same time, the Biden administration invited Taiwan though it is not officially recognized.

The ambassadors of Russia and China to Washington have written a joint article in which they opposed the summit calling it a “Cold War representation”.