Citizens of Vancouver take footage of large tornado

17:38, 07 November 2021
Citizens of Vancouver take footage of large tornado Photo:

Multiple citizens of Vancouver took their phones out and started recording when a large tornado occurred off the coast of the Vancouver Airport on Saturday evening.

There was an alert issued by weather forecasters that a tornado may have happened that day and it actually did.

Environment Canada advised people to stay indoors if the adverse weather turns to a formed tornado. 

“A waterspout was spotted west of Vancouver International Airport and is moving north towards West Vancouver and the mouth of Howe Sound including Bowen Island,” the forecaster said in a warning message. 

The scale of the tornado was enough to have been captured from the various sites of Vancouver. 

The footage from the airport has spread across Twitter and other media sources as well as videos from other parts of the city. 

There haven’t been any reports of tornado damaging property or people.