Climate change conference goes into overtime to retain 1.5 Celsius task

15:42, 13 November 2021
Climate change conference goes into overtime to retain 1.5 Celsius task Photo: Sergey Bulkin/

The COP26 conference regarding climate change was due to end by Friday but there was much to negotiate on, thus the summit, in which the representatives of roughly 200 countries participated, had been prolonged to Saturday and ended up after two weeks of debate on how to straighten the environmental crisis which is worsening with every year.

The final day formed a fresh draft consisting of the ideas of nearly 200 countries and it is similar to the previous versions of it as the draft aims at balancing the demands of climate-hit nations, industrial giants, and countries whose economy considerably depends on both fuel export and consumption.

Two of the countries - China, the biggest greenhouse emitter and the largest oil exporter Saudi Arabia were attempting to prevent the final conclusion of the draft by talking the language of disagreement with subsidies for fossil fuels which is the main reason for global warming increase, according to Reuters.

The new draft also obliges vast economic countries to double up the financing for climate adaptation by 2025. Offering the funding increase has been the main demand of small countries.

The overall task of the meeting was to prevent global warming from going above 1,5 Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

Scientists are anxious that crossing 1,5 will spark the ramp up the average sea level and lead to abnormal weather conditions and this will unleash many and much more horrendous consequences caused by storms and larger wildfires which humanity now experiences.

The next conference on climate change, COP27, will be held in Egypt next year.