Dead body of young Syrian found near Poland - Belarus border

14:06, 13 November 2021
Dead body of young Syrian found near Poland - Belarus border Photo: Leonid Shcheglov/BelTA/TASS

A dead body of a young Syrian man was found by Polish police near the border with Belarus where an immigrant crisis is taking place.

The cause of the death has not yet been identified while the body itself was found near the village of Wolka Terechowska.

The total death toll of those who have died during this crisis at the border has reached at least nine victims.

Immigration of Iraqis, Syrians, as well as Yemenis from Belarus to nearby European countries has severely increased in recent months reaching its peak these last few days. 

The US and the EU claim that the whole crisis is being staged by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in order to put pressure on the west over sanctions. 

Belarus on the other hand blames the west for the maltreatment of immigrants the number of whom has already reached thousands.

Earlier, migrants have already attempted to break through the Polish border as the EU announced sanctions against Russian Aeroflot and Turkish Airlines for delivering the migrants into Belarus.