Del Rio’s encampment migrants to prepare for another crossing

17:02, 25 September 2021
Del Rio’s encampment migrants to prepare for another crossing Photo: Florian Kopp/

Several thousands of migrants, mostly from Haiti, who left the makeshift Del Rio encampment in Texas to avoid deportation to their country of origin, have reportedly found a temporary shelter to prepare another attempt to cross the US frontier.

According to the report from The Daily Mail, some migrants who fled the under-bridge encampment were seen purchasing bus tickets in the Mexican Ciudad Acuña, which borders with the US and therefore it opens the ways to major transport hubs such as Mexico City and Monterrey. Some migrants were reported buying tickets for Nogales, a border city which adjoins the same name city in Arizona, US.

“They just fled back over that river [Rio Grande] and ran. Hundreds and hundreds of them that I saw. I personally saw,” Todd Bensman, the senior national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies said. “They told me they were fleeing because of the deportation flights.”

Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary told reporters at the White House Friday that there were 17 conducted deportation flights, which transferred over 2,000 migrants back to Haiti, where many of them hadn’t been living in for a decade or more and approximately 8,000 migrants turned to Mexico “voluntary” as the forces commenced clearing the territory of migrants ordered by the Biden administration.

Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador when he was asked about the migrant problem in Ciudad Acuña responded, “we don’t want Mexico to be a migrant camp, we want the problem to be addressed fully.”

Del Rio Mayor said the bridge wouldn’t be reopened until at least Sunday as the authorities are still cleaning up the site to make sure no one of refugees is left there hiding in the bushes along the river.

The massive gatherings of migrants, with most of them being Haitians, were seen by mid-September near the Del Rio bridge in an attempt to cross the US border. People were seeking an opportunity to flee the home countries conquered by poverty and poor living conditions amid devastating calamities that considerably hammered the country. The complex of factors invoked extreme desperation that led to a one-way decision – to escape from the country by any means.