Drunk Ukrainian car cleaner hijacks Tesla just to drive through city

11:32, 01 December 2021
Drunk Ukrainian car cleaner hijacks Tesla just to drive through city Photo: Nina Liashonok/ Look Press

A car wash employee in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, hijacked a Tesla car of his client and later arranged a road accident while driving the stolen car.

The Tesla that drove to the car cleaning point had been stolen within just a several minutes after it appeared before the service facility.

City police reported that there was a signal received that a citizen left their vehicle at Raduzhnaya Str. in Kyiv and distanced away for some a couple of minutes. When they returned they realised that a Tesla had vanished. The attempts to find a car in a close vicinity have failed, so a driver called the police. As soon as the police arrived a caller shared details on their car so the police sent the data about the stolen Tesla to all the patrolling colleagues in the city.

The culprit had been soon discovered as several police stations were called to report a car crash. The Tesla and the culprit were exactly what the police were looking for as soon as the officers approached the area of the collision.

The hijacker was discovered in the car and was severely drunk, according to the police officers who conducted a drug test for the male stealer. The test showed 2,36 ppm of alcohol in blood. The man had no ID at that moment, the police added.

The car thief turned out to be the 35-year-old citizen of Kyiv who the police said expressed a desire to have a trip through the city.

The man was taken into custody and faced charges of misappropriation of property, so the man can be imprisoned for up to 12 years, according to the Ukrainian law.

Earlier, following a chase Belarusian police arrested a driver of several tons truck who was also drunk while riding on the opposite lane posing a threat for all the drivers on a road.