Europe launches manhunt for £26 mn celebrity raids suspect

13:17, 04 November 2021
Europe launches manhunt for £26 mn celebrity raids suspect Photo: KUTV

A man believed to be named Alfredo Lindley is being searched by European authorities as he is the primary suspect of the case involving stealing from at least three celebrity homes.

Among them is the raid on the property of the daughter of the former chief executive of Formula One Tamara Ecclestone and the home of Patrick Vieira who is a French professional football manager.

In total Lindley has stolen at least £26 mln worth of items during his raid.

The suspect is 40-years-old and is from Peru, however information about him might be incorrect as he used many personalities under different names like Daniel Vukovic, Ljubomir Romanov and Ljubomir Radosavlejic.

The names have links to various European cities including Belgrade, Milan and Zagreb, according to court documents found by BBC

Earlier, four Romanian nationals who were also suspects of the case were declared innocent following a two month trial.

Three others between the ages of 24 and 45 were extradited from Italy to the UK after they confessed their roles in the crime.