Ever Given crosses Suez Canal again, this time successfully

17:30, 21 August 2021
Ever Given crosses Suez Canal again, this time successfully Photo:

The large ship returned to the canal for the first time since it had stuck there in March.

The container ship Ever Given has successfully crossed the Suez Canal.

The Japanese-owned ship took off from the UK and is now heading to China. On its way, it went through the Suez Canal accompanied by a convoy of 26 other ships led by two tugboats, the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) announced.

Ever Given whose length is 400 meters and weight is more than 200,000 tonnes blocked the canal on 23 March. It has resulted in huge monetary losses for the global economy and forced other ships to take longer routes around Southern Africa.

The ship was freed six days later; one man has reportedly died during the works.

One of the largest ships in the world was then detained in the Great Bitter Lake along with the crew until representatives of Shoei Kisen Kaisha Ltd finished negotiations with the SCA on a recompense sum.

The details of the agreement have not been revealed, but the SCA reportedly asked for $916 mln which was later lowered up to $550 mln.

Ever Given with the flags of Panama  has made a total of 22 journeys through the canal.

An estimated of 10-15% of global shipping traffic passes through the Suez Canal, the shortest waterway between Europe and Asia.