Ex-singer of Bad Boys Blue asked Putin for Russian citizenship

17:52, 03 November 2021
Ex-singer of Bad Boys Blue asked Putin for Russian citizenship Photo: kevin.mccoy/

An American singer Kevin Mсcoy in an exclusive interview told that he wants to get Russian citizenship because he doesn’t want to live in the US where “nazism and LGBTQ are flourishing”. 

The singer said that he loves the US but he feels high tension in American society.

“I will always love my homeland. Somebody can believe that the US is like heaven, but it’s not. There is a lot of anger nowadays. Everyone has a gun. The entrenchment of the LGBTQ also bugs me,” Mccoy said.

He also added that he is strongly against nazism, antisemitism, and racism while the singer appreciates Russian values and morality.

“I have nothing against LGBTQ. It is a matter of choice. But it seems to me that American TV is too intrusive about it,” the singer explained.

“I want to address Russian President Vladimir Putin, to whom I sympathize a lot, to provide me an opportunity for Russian citizenship,” Mccoy told the 

Mccoy would like to move to Saint-Petersburg with his wife if he has a Russian passport. He said that he is especially fond of Saint-Petersburg’s winter. 

Last month, Vladimir Putin granted Russian citizenship to actress and singer Natalia Oreiro and her son.

"To grant Russian citizenship to the following persons: Natalia Marisa Oreiro Iglesias, born on May 19, 1977, in Uruguay, with her son Merlin Atahualpa Mollo Oreiro, born on January 26, 2012, in Argentina," a presidential decree reads.

The Russian citizenship has also been granted to a number of foreign famous persons such as French actor Gerard Depardieu, boxer Roy Jones, american actor Steven Sigal,  mixed martial artist Jeff Monson and others