Facebook metaverse named by its investor as “dystopian”

20:30, 04 November 2021
Facebook metaverse named by its investor as “dystopian” Photo:

One of the first major investors into Facebook Roger McNamee said that he does not like where the social media company is heading

"It's a bad idea and the fact we are all sitting and looking at this like it's normal should be alarming everyone," he said in a statement.

He added that the company must not be allowed to create a “dystopian metaverse.”

He also noted that the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg cannot be trusted with such a serious matter.

"There's no way that a regulator or policymaker should be allowing Facebook to operate there [in the metaverse] or get into cryptocurrencies," he said. 

"Facebook should have lost the right to make its own choices. A regulator should be there giving pre-approval for everything they do. The amount of harm they've done is incalculable," he added.

McNamee is critical of the way Facebook is doing business especially after the leak covering the fact that the company understands the harm its Instagram does to teenagers but does not change anything caring more about revenue.