Fiery bus crash in Bulgaria kills 46, other 7 survive

10:19, 23 November 2021
Fiery bus crash in Bulgaria kills 46, other 7 survive Photo: ERA/TASS

At least 46 people are considered dead after a bus crashed and caught fire on a highway in the western part of Bulgaria.

Most of the passengers were reportedly the citizens of North Macedonia. The coach party was on the way home after a holiday spent in the Turkish city of Istanbul, according to North Macedonian Foreign Minister Nujar Osmani. 

The now-blackened bus allegedly had Macedonian plates.

The incident that took lives of 46 people and injured seven who are reported to be admitted to hospital happened at around 02:00 local time. Children are also among the casualties. All the injured are in stable conditions, an official from Sofia’s hospital said.

“We have an enormous tragedy,” Interim Prime Minister of Bulgaria Stefan Yanev told reporters at the scene of the crash.

The reason for the deadly accident hasn’t been pronounced but Bulgarian officials presume the cause could have been a collision with either a curb or a guardrail.

An area around the scene with a scorched down bus on Struma motorway  has been cordoned off.