Girl aged four goes missing on Poland-Belarus border

20:57, 09 December 2021
Girl aged four goes missing on Poland-Belarus border Photo: Kacper Pempel/REUTERS

A four-year-old girl is missing at the Belarus-Poland border as concerns rise that she might not be found.

The situation at the border is getting more dangerous as the area is now covered with snow and migrants are attempting to stay warm in their tents.

The parents of the girl are from Iraq.

The parents with a group of other migrants breached the border and after carrying the child for a while they asked someone else to hold her for a bit.

That is when Polish guards appeared and forced the couple to return to Belarus.

However this time their child was not with them.

The Polish Red Cross that focuses on reuniting families at the border is currently working on the situation.

A search operation was also launched by Polish guards but to no avail.

With each hour the chances of finding her are dwindling.

“No children were found in the area monitored by the Border Guard. During the night, the border, and especially the sections where attempts of illegal crossings were recorded, were patrolled both on the ground and from the air using [night and thermal vision technology],” the Polish Guard said in a statement.

The migrants have also divided into search groups and launched their own operations.

The area has already had fatal cases when people died due to various circumstances.