Greta Thunberg calls COP26 ‘a failure’ at public speaking in Glasgow

11:32, 06 November 2021
Greta Thunberg calls COP26 ‘a failure’ at public speaking in Glasgow Photo: WixtrA–M Peter/Aftonbladet/Tt/Xinhua/Global Look Press

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg has joined a massive march in Glasgow that was arranged to show the authorities participating in COP26 that their policies towards climate change are not effective yet and that the necessary measures must be taken immediately.

The march was organized by a group of youngsters called Fridays for Future Scotland which were inspired by Thunberg. 

This march was the largest among those which were held during the summit week in Glasgow.

Greta Thunberg came up with a planned speech of what we have now and what measures must be implemented to prevent nature from further deterioration. The activist voiced that “immediate and drastic” reductions to emissions must be followed. 

Thunberg proceeded saying that COP 26 is a massive failure pointing at the impossibility of solving the serious climate issue by using the same methods that “got us into it in the first place.”

In her speech Thunberg also underlined the flippancy of decisions and reliances of authorities on technological solutions alluding that the decision makers tend to think such technologies “will suddenly appear out of nowhere and will erase all of these crises just like that.”

The UN climate change meeting in Glasgow, where the heads of the major nation countries, including US Joe Biden, UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson take part, was described by Greta Thunberg as a meeting of businessmen who “create loopholes to benefit themselves.”

“We know that our emperors are naked,” she added.

The route of procession was led through the city’s west end, passing by the COP26 site at the Scottish Events Campus to the centre of Glasgow, where the march ended. There were installed stages on which the speakers voiced their protests against poor policy aimed at climate change.