Huge storm wreaks havoc in Canada (PHOTOS)

12:20, 17 November 2021
Huge storm wreaks havoc in Canada (PHOTOS) Photo: Reuters

The heavy downpour caused flooding and landslides in several areas while roads and railways were destroyed in the Canadian British Columbia province.

"This has been an extreme weather event, the impacts have been significantly greater than expected," Public Safety Minister and Deputy Premier Mike Farnworth told the reporters.

Mass evacuations are underway in the province as officials have called the downpours the "worst weather storm in a century." Some parts of British Columbia reportedly received up to 252 millimeters of precipitation.

The heavy rain across British Columbia has triggered major flooding and shut rail routes operated by Canadian Pacific Rail and Canadian National Railway, Canada's two biggest rail companies.

"All rail service coming to and from the Port of Vancouver is halted because of flooding in the British Columbia interior," port spokesperson Matti Polychronis said.

The Vancouver police reported that one woman died in a landslide. Her body was found on the highway last Monday, 250 km from Vancouver.

The police have no information on how many cars could have been damaged due to flooding of roads and landslides and don’t exclude that there may be other victims of the natural disaster as two persons were reported missing.

The calamity also forced the halt of the work of the Trans Mountain pipeline, which carries up to 300,000 barrels per day of crude oil from Alberta province to the Pacific coast.

In the summer, British Columbia experienced record heat and wildfires, with over 500 casualties as the authorities had to evacuate more than one thousand people.