Iceland becomes first EU country with over 50% women in parliament

17:05, 26 September 2021
Iceland becomes first EU country with over 50% women in parliament Photo:

Iceland has become the first European country, in which more than 50% seats in parliament will be held by women, according to the final results released on Sunday.

Althing parliament consists of 63 seats, 33 of them (52%) will belong to women. There is no other European country, which has more than 50% seats taken by females. The closest to this percentage European country is Sweden with 47%, according to data collected by the World Bank.

The results of the last elections in Iceland before these ones showed 24 women, who have been holding seats in parliament.

The Earth accounts for five countries where the majority seats are also held by women, among these are : Rwanda (61%), Cuba (53%), Nicaragua (51%), and Mexico along with the United Arab Emirates (both 50%), according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

According to the results, the Left-Green Movement received eight seats, which is three fewer than in 2017, whilst the Independence party, headed by finance minister Bjarni Benediktsson, seems to remain the largest and possess 16 seats.

The Centre-Right Progressive party advances by gaining five more seats and totaling it to 13.

Iceland is seriously strict regarding gender equality and it is considered to be the top country where women rights are respected, according to the World Economic Forum's ranking.

Iceland has been written down in history as the country which first elected a woman for presidency. This woman was Vigdis Finnbogadottir, who came into power as the first female president ever in 1980.