International community denounces Sudan coup, calls for release of PM

21:59, 25 October 2021
International community denounces Sudan coup, calls for release of PM Photo:

The reaction in all parts of the world was alike after Sudanese military forces had detained Prime Minster Abdalla Hamdok and other ministers.

On Monday military forces of Sudan arrested members of a transitional government who were appointed to lead the country to democracy and a stable government.

At least five Sudan government officials have been detained including Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok who refused to cooperate with soldiers and was taken to a concealed location.

The reaction of the international community was generally similar.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned the coup and promised to stand with Sudan’s citizens.

“Prime Minister Hamdok & all other officials must be released immediately. There must be full respect for the constitutional charter to protect the hard-won political transition.”

The US said it was deeply alarmed by the situation and also called on to take into consideration the will of the Sudanese.

"We reject the actions by the military and call for the immediate release of the prime minister and others who have been placed under house arrest," a White House representative said.

African Union Commission Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat called on the soldiers to release the arrested ministers and reengage in dialogue with civilians.

“We reaffirm that dialogue and consensus is the only relevant path to save the country and its democratic transition."

The EU dubbed the coup a betrayal of the revolution adding that it violated the people’s right to peace, justice, and economic development.

Saudi Arabia also appealed to free the arrested executives to save what had been recently achieved.

“The kingdom calls for restraint, calm, de-escalation, and to preserve all the political and economic gains that have been achieved and all that aims to protect the unity of the ranks among all political components in brotherly Sudan."

The Arab League, which consists of 22 countries including Sudan, Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Morocco, Qatar, and others, has called on the Sudanese military to stick to the constitutional documents signed by the League in recent years.

In April 2019, President Omar al-Bashir who had been in office since 1993 was removed and arrested following a coup. The power was passed to the Sudanese military council. The militant and opposition parties agreed on a three-year transient period to establish a new permanent government.