Israeli minister on wheel-chair unable to attend COP26 climate summit

16:24, 02 November 2021
Israeli minister on wheel-chair unable to attend COP26 climate summit Photo: pixabay

The delegation criticized the UN which promotes inclusivity for all for not providing necessary equipment at the top-rank conference for those disabled.

Israel’s minister of National Infrastructures, Energy, and Water Resources Karine Elharrar has made a post on Twitter in which she unveiled that the UN did not provide accessibility to its COP26 summit held in Glasgow, Scotland, adding that she could not participate in the conference.

“Hopefully the lessons learned will be learned so that tomorrow green energy promotion, removal of barriers, and energy efficiency will be the things I will deal with,” she wrote.

The country’s delegation led by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced that it filed a formal complaint to organizers. Bennett added that he would not take part in the upcoming meeting unless Elharrar, suffering from muscular dystrophy, got the possibility to attend the summit.

In another post, Elharrar thanked Israel’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom Tzipi Hotovely for her assistance.

According to Israeli media, Elharrar could not get into the building since it was only reachable either by walking or taking a shuttle that was not suitable for a wheelchair. She had to leave the venue after waiting for two hours and return to her hotel.

The UK's Environment Secretary, George Eustice, delivered apologies on behalf of the hosting country and called the situation "deeply regrettable". However, he stressed that the Israeli delegation did not warn the organizers about the requirements for the COP26 summit.

"There was obviously something that went wrong in this instance and they weren't aware of that so they hadn't made the right provisions at that particular entrance she was coming too."

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was told about the incident and he later invited the Israeli minister to take part in a meeting between the two Prime Ministers.