Jeff Bezos fund promises $2 bn for addressing climate change

13:15, 02 November 2021
Jeff Bezos fund promises $2 bn for addressing climate change Photo: Seattle City Council from Seattle/

The Bezos Earth Fund promised to allocate $2 billion for “landscape restoration and food-systems transformation, bringing an overall commitment to nature”.

The Bezos initiative is aimed to fund scientists, activists, and other actors that will fight climate change and deterioration. 

According to the plan, a $1 billion commitment will be pledged for landscape restoration in the US and Africa as another $1 billion will be deployed for transforming the agricultural system to increase yields and decrease food waste.

“Investing in nature through both traditional and innovative approaches is essential to combat climate change, enhance biodiversity, protect the beauty of the natural world, and create a prosperous future,” Bezos claimed.

In September, Bezos announced to pledge $1 billion to help to create, expand, manage, and monitor protected and conserved areas at the Climate Week in New York.

“Our commitment today supports a three-fold imperative – we must conserve what we have, restore what we’ve lost, and grow what we need in harmony with nature,” said Jeff Bezos. 

The American billionaire made the statement against the backdrop of the ongoing 2021 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

On Monday, over 100 world leaders signed the “Action on forests and land use” declaration at COP26.

In addition, on Sunday the G20 members agreed to limit the global warming increase by 1.5°C compared with the pre-industrial era.