Journalist Fenster says he’s healthy after being freed in Myanmar

20:24, 15 November 2021
Journalist Fenster says he’s healthy after being freed in Myanmar Photo: dannyfenster/

Danny Fenster who was held captive in a prison in Myanmar has headed to his home as he says that he feels healthy and happy that the situation has resolved.

The release of Fenster was achieved by former US diplomat Bill Richardson who has held negotiations with the military junta of Myanmar.

"We are so grateful that Danny will finally be able to reconnect with his loved ones, who have been advocating for him all this time, against immense odds," Richardson said.

Fenster was charged with terrorism and incitement to insurrection and later the court ruledthat he must be jailed for 11 years.

Following his release Fenster said that he did not experience beatings or severe hunger during the whole process.

Fenster was first flown to Qatar and later he boarded a plane to fly back into the US.

He was one among thousands who were jailed following the February 1 military coup that has led to over 10,000 being imprisoned and at least 1,260 killed.

Many of them were journalists who engaged in the spread of false information, according to the military government.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has also commented on the matter and congratulated Fenster on his release.

"We are glad that Danny will soon be reunited with his family as we continue to call for the release of others who remain unjustly imprisoned," he said in a statement.