Kim Jong Un takes family vacation aboard remodeled ‘amusement park’ yacht

16:30, 14 July 2021
Kim Jong Un takes family vacation aboard remodeled ‘amusement park’ yacht Photo: Global Look Press

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un apparently with his family, friends, or trusted aides is taking a vacation on the East coast by his main Wonsan mansion on board his newly remodeled "floating amusement park" yacht, NK Pro News reported on Wednesday.

Since 2019 it is considered to be the first Kim's appearance in the port city and naval base Wonsan located in Kangwon Province, along the Eastern side of the Korean Peninsula.

The private waterslide cruise liner 260 feet long is fitted with twin twisting waterslides, a giant pool, and a multistory lounge. According to Planet Labs imagery, the yacht was docked at the private beach of a North Korean leader’s mansion complex in Wonsan at the Yonghung bay since July 12.

"The activity in and around Wonsan in the last week occurred on days Kim did not make public appearances," the outlet suggested.

In 2020 the yacht was taken in for major repairs and a remodeling job in order to expand the multi-story lounge.

Among other boats in his fleet, Kim Jong Un is also in possession of the multi-million dollar Princess-brand yacht last seen on June 24 this year off Tae Island near Wonsan, and a 196 feet leisure boat.

In June DPRK's leader warned about the potential food shortage of one million tons of foodstuff this year that may occur in North Korea any time soon. Kim Jong Un urged the officials to boost agricultural production because the "people’s food situation is now getting tense" amid the COVID-19 lockdown, and damages the agricultural sector suffered last summer due to floods and typhoons.