Lebanon faces permanent electricity blackout

17:04, 12 July 2021
Lebanon faces permanent electricity blackout  Photo:

Lebanon’s two main power plants were switched off as the country failed to find enough energy needed for running the plants.

During the span of the last few months, the crisis-torn Lebanon was able to provide at least two hours of electricity a day, but now the country isn’t capable of providing even the bare minimum, launching the “Switzerland of the Middle East” into complete darkness. 

Lebanon’s main electricity provider Electricite Du Liban announced that it’s shutting down two of the biggest power stations Deir Ammar and Zahrani. It has been also stated that the power supply has been cut indefinitely.

The rapid inflation and lack of available foreign currency made it impossible to pay foreign energy suppliers. The latest ships loaded with gas and oil refused to deliver the fuel before the agreed sum was paid in dollars.

With the lack of energy, water pumping stations also turn off making people ration even their water supplies. 

Another domain devastated by the crisis includes pharmacies with 80% of stores in the capital Beirut shut due to an open-ended strike.

Now, the population switches to private generators which have been used for decades, however considering the lack of supplies it is evident that these generators will not last long.

The international community has promised to provide financial aid for Lebanon’s reconstruction but only after the formation of a new government.

Still, after almost 11 months the government has not yet been formed with politicians from different religious and social backgrounds failing to agree even on a basic set of simple matters.

Earlier it was announced that French and US envoys to Lebanon will visit Saudi Arabia in a bid to help solve the crisis.