Lithuanian Language Commission renames Georgia

23:47, 11 January 2021
Lithuanian Language Commission renames Georgia Photo: Unsplash

The State Commission of the Lithuanian Language, during its first meeting in 2021, changed the name of Georgia to Sakartvelo.

The commission decided to delete the name 'Georgia' (Gruzija in Lithuanian) in the column 'Official names of countries' and replace it with 'Sakartvelo,' RIA Novosti reported.

Sakartvelo is an endonym (internal name) of Georgia. It goes back to the name of Kartli - one of the main historical and geographical regions of Georgia and the cradle of the Kartvelian statehood.

The name 'Georgia' is believed to be related to Saint George, who is considered the patron saint of the country. In the Middle Ages, there were 365 churches on the territory of Georgia dedicated to Saint George.

The state language on the official website of the President of Moldova has been renamed from Moldovan to Romanian, reported earlier.