Man throws grenade at Russian and Azerbaijani forces (VIDEO)

10:28, 13 November 2021
Man throws grenade at Russian and Azerbaijani forces (VIDEO) Photo: Сергей Булкин/

An unknown man threw a grenade at Russian and Azerbaijani soldiers at a block post near the town of Shusha in Azerbaijan. Three soldiers are reportedly wounded in the attack, according to Day.Az.

It happened right after a truck reached the ckeckpoint then as the footage shows the grenade exploded in front of two soldiers, who were staying several meters away from the just stopped vehicle.

As soon as a grenade blasted a driver immediately drove off.

The footage shows that none of the soldiers experienced life-threatening injuries.

The attacker is currently in custody and the motion for the road has been refreshed, according to the reports. The culprit turned out to be an Armenian man born in 1975. The criminal case regarding the incident has been opened.

The motive of the act remains unknown.