Marilyn Manson accused of locking women in ‘Bad Girls Room’

18:29, 15 November 2021
Marilyn Manson accused of locking women in ‘Bad Girls Room’ Photo: Hubert Boesl/dpa/Global Look Press

The famous musician Marilyn Manson locked women who he had been dating in a special soundproof room called the “Bad Girls Room,” according to Rolling Stone.

Manson whose real name is Brian Warner has received numerous allegations of sexual assault during his career.

One of the latest incidents even led him to getting arrested after the singer assaulted a videographer who was capturing one of the singer’s concerts.

The singer even liked to brag about the room, according to his former assistant Ashley Walters who has also accused him of sexual assault.

The room was already mentioned in the media back in 2011 when one of the assaulted women said that Manson liked to lock her in the room when she “pissed him off.”

Another former assistant of the singer has also tweeted back in February that Manson used to call one of his rooms in his appartement as a “rape room.”

Among the stars that have claimed that Manson has assaulted them while they were dating are Evan Wood from HBO’s Westworld and Esme Bianco known from The Game of Thrones.

Manson has on several occasions denied the allegations as one time he even posted an Instagram post where he explained that all his dating life was consensual from both sides.

The report made by Rolling Stone was conducted with the help of over 50 people who have personally known Manson.