Massive green-tinted meteor appears in Turkish sky (VIDEO)

17:48, 01 August 2021
Massive green-tinted meteor appears in Turkish sky (VIDEO) Photo: pixabay

A large green-tinted meteor scene has occurred near the Turkish city of Izmir. It disappeared behind the mountains, sparking speculations of UFO interference or a satellite fall.

The footage of the unusual green-colored meteor that landed with a massive rumble became viral on social media. It is yet unknown whether the meteor broke up in the atmosphere or its parts managed to land on the earth, but the sound of it spread widely across the location.

Media were rich on comments left regarding the incident.

“UFO’s have been seen in the sky,” a post, followed by hashtag #PrayForTurkey, reads.

“Strange, bright object believed to be rocket debris crashed in Turkey. Satellite?”

Dr. Hasan Ali Dal, who is more in this question, suggested: “It should be considered as a more specific version of the phenomenon known as a shooting star.”

The astrophysics professor explained on Twitter that such a scene with a meteor is called “fireball”, it happens when the meteor begins to burn up in the atmosphere.

As far as the green light is concerned, such a tint is based on the meteor composition, most likely it contained large amounts of nickel, according to the professor.