Media report clashes between Russian peacekeepers, Armenian military

09:14, 17 November 2020
Media report clashes between Russian peacekeepers, Armenian military Photo: Armenian Defense Ministry/via

Media reported the conflict between Russian peacekeepers and the Armenian military in the Agdam region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Some publications even released a video recording of the moment of the clashes.

Aktualniye Novosti reports, citing Vestnik Kavkaza, that the footage featured an operation by the Russian peacekeeping troops to force a detachment of 'occupation troops' to leave the Azerbaijani territory. The soldier filming this footage speaks of about twelve Armenian soldiers who do not want to leave the area.

Peacekeepers persuade opponents to surrender in two languages. They act in full compliance with the standards of the Russian counter-terrorist operations. There is a second video in which the peacekeepers convince the other side of the senselessness of resistance and offer to surrender their weapons. reported earlier that the Russian Defense Ministry announced the return of almost 500 refugees to Karabakh. A column of 19 buses proceeded to Stepanakert, accompanied by patrols of Russian peacekeepers and military police.