Morgan Stanley predicts Musk could become world’s first trillionaire

13:08, 21 October 2021
Morgan Stanley predicts Musk could become world’s first trillionaire Photo: Patrick Pleul/ZB/Global Look Press

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX may become the world's first trillionaire, according to the investment bank Morgan Stanley.

His current net worth is $241 bln however considering the current pace of his assets growing it is quite possible that sooner or later he will pass the $1 trillion mark.

Most of Musk’s fortune was made through the vehicle manufacturing company, and SpaceX could bring him even more.

“[SpaceX was] challenging any preconceived notion of what was possible and the time frame possible, in terms of rockets, launch vehicles and supporting infrastructure,” Morgan Stanley’s analyst Adam Jones said. 

He added that the company may eventually become the world’s first one with the highest value.

“More than one client has told us if Elon Musk were to become the first trillionaire ... it won’t be because of Tesla. Others have said SpaceX may eventually be the most highly valued company in the world – in any industry.”

The evolving space-tourism started by SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin could grow into the next big thing and bring investors immense revenues.

SpaceX is focusing not only on space tourism but also on delivering humans and products to the Moon and outer space.

Recently Musk became the world richest person again after surpassing the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos by about $42 billion.

The two are leading an informal war on social media as Musk likes to use his Twitter account to mock Bezos from time to time.