Musician thrown into river alive after robbery in Georgia

21:56, 13 October 2021
Musician thrown into river alive after robbery in Georgia Photo: Konstantin Kokoshkin/ Russian Look/Global Look Press

The 28-year-old Thomas Kennedy was thrown into a river alive as the 5 criminals who attempted to rob him thought he was dead.

Kennedy was passing a holiday in Georgia which is a former Soviet republic when the crime happened.

Five men invited him to have a drink with them and three days later his body was found in Gori which is a city in eastern Georgia. 

The five men were delivered to court and questioned as they denied their participation in the murder.

At least four of them however did in fact admit that they robbed the Irishman. 

They claim that Kennedy fell in the river himself after running from the crime scene.

The alleged killer’s ages vary from 17 to 28 and might face up to 17 years in prison in case they will be found to have committed the murder.

“The prosecution is not satisfied with the defence’s argument that the victim himself jumped or fell into river,” the prosecutors said.

“We believe we are dealing with a premeditated murder in order to destroy the incriminating evidence of another crime — robbing. This was also carried out against a person who was helpless,” they added.

The family of the victim went on social media attempting to achieve justice and tell the world how nice Kennedy was.

“I love you so much bro, you were the most amazing gentleman this world had to offer. "You were too good for us all. I don’t honestly know how we will go on without you, but thank you so much for blessing us with the most amazing and funny stories we could ever wish for,” his brother said.

The family is raising money through donations via a trust fund to bring Kennedy’s body back home.