National Interest urges US to change policy to avoid war with Russia

08:13, 24 December 2020
National Interest urges US to change policy to avoid war with Russia Photo: US Navy/Global Look Press

The National Interest has called on the US authorities to abandon the current policy towards Russia and China, as it could lead to a war with these two powers.

The National Interest has also listed threats posed by Washington’s policies.

The first threat is the possibility of Moscow and Washington entering into an open conflict in regions where their interests meet, for example, in Syria. US policy also leads to an increase in the number of Russians who consider the aggravation of relations with Washington as the only way of their development.

The US could also reconsider its relations with Russia because Moscow may ally with China.

President-elect Joe Biden and his advisers like to speak not only of renewed American leadership but also of a restoration of the liberal international order and the American ability to simultaneously act as a revolutionary power and be at peace. In fact, the danger of a nuclear confrontation is growing, reads the article.

The article also says that the US is betting on ‘uncertain’ NATO alliances against ‘unnecessary adversaries’ - Russia and China.

The Russia challenge is in a different category. As far as its economy is concerned, Russia is not in the same league as America. Vladimir Putin is reluctant, however, to surrender to the notion that the United States, together with its allies, is entitled to more or less govern the world, including the Russian periphery. He is particularly hesitant to create the impression that he will bend to American pressure, says the article.

Unilateral concessions on Russia’s part in relations with the United States are ruled out, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, reported earlier.