New Zealand to outlaw tobacco consumption for next underage generation 

13:05, 09 December 2021
New Zealand to outlaw tobacco consumption for next underage generation  Photo:

The Government of New Zealand is considering a new legislation which will outlaw selling tobacco for those who are aged 14 and below nowadays, pursuing a goal to deprive its population of a harmful habit.

The lawmakers would impose a complete prohibition of buying cigarettes and tobacco products for people who were born after the year of 2008 and such a legislation is expected to be established in the next year.

“We want to make sure young people never start smoking,” Health Minister Ayesha Verall said in a statement.

The announcement regarding the tobacco ban came on Thursday as such a step towards lowering the national smoking rate was backed by numerous doctors and health experts in the country.

New Zealand with its population of 5 million also strives to reduce the percentage of smoking people to 5% by the year of 2025 while the current figures indicate that 11,6% of the citizens of New Zealand aged 15 and above do smoke and these numbers get higher up to 29% when the indigenous Maori adults are included.

Along with the tobacco crackdown the government has also enhanced the tobacco controls which means that some places like supermarkets along with corner stores would cease selling the tobacco as the tobacco-containing products would be removed altogether.

Officials say that the number of stores where the citizens could purchase tobacco will be dramatically reduced from 8,000 to only 500.