NYT: Trump almost completely abandons ruling US

10:19, 24 December 2020
NYT: Trump almost completely abandons ruling US Photo: Chris Kleponis - Pool Via Cnp/Global Look Press

US President Donald Trump is so obsessed with the idea of achieving non-recognition of Joe Biden’s victory in the election and the retention of his presidency that he almost completely abandoned government affairs and ruling the country, the New York Times reports.

He remains the most powerful person in the world, yet he is focused on the one area in which he is powerless to get what he wants: a way to avoid leaving office as a loser.

He spends his days flailing for any hope, if not of actually reversing the outcome of the election, then at least of building a coherent case that he was robbed of a second term, reads the article.

He has otherwise sequestered himself in the White House, playing host to a cast of conspiracy theorists and hard-core supporters who traffic in ideas like challenging the election’s outcome in Congress and even invoking martial law, seeking to give some of them government jobs.

He is almost entirely disengaged from leading the nation even as Americans are being felled by the coronavirus at record rates, the newspaper writes.

Faced with an aggressive cyberassault almost surely carried out by Russia, his response, to the degree that he has had one, has been to play down the damage and to contradict his top officials by suggesting that the culprit might actually have been China.

He played almost no role in negotiating the stimulus bill that just passed Congress before working to disrupt it at the last minute.

If nothing else, it will make for an especially anxious next 27 days in Washington, reads the report.

Trump urged Congress to amend a $900 billion coronavirus relief bill to more than triple its stimulus payments to Americans, reported earlier.