President Putin meets Azerbaijani counterpart Aliyev in Moscow

20:13, 20 July 2021
President Putin meets Azerbaijani counterpart Aliyev in Moscow Photo:

The leaders are exchanging opinions on the ongoing regional issues.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev are holding negotiations in Moscow at the moment.

The Russian President has already announced that the economic relations between the countries are rapidly recovering after the pandemic. 

The leaders are also discussing projects of launching Russian vaccine production in Azerbaijan. 

“We are zealously collaborating against COVID. As far as I know, some 100,000 vaccines have already been delivered to Azerbaijan. We are currently working on manufacturing the vaccines in the country,” said Putin during the talks. 

He added that the Russian government intended to send a delegation on cooperation to Baku. He added that it would be a mixed group in charge of transports, infrastructure, industry, and other issues.

“Our Intergovernmental Commission is working hard on various branches.”

Putin has also thanked his colleague for finding a compromise over the Karabakh conflict with Armenia. Aliyev has assured that he was determined to deal serenely with the post-conflict regulations. 

The Azerbaijani President has also thanked Putin for paying close attention to the issue and his participation. Aliyev has highlighted that he keeps in touch with the Russian President.

“Eight months after the ceasefire, I still believe that our communication in person and via telephone calls has played an important role in the stabilization of the situation. We are determined to make the post-conflict period as smooth as possible. I think we can do it by combined efforts.”

Amid the topics on the agenda there are amelioration of transport connection between the countries, strategic trading and humanitarian partnership, and mutual investments. 

Another important issue is the South Caucasus since Russia considers the region one of its priorities. This might entail supporting Azerbaijan after the ceasefire and even creating a logistic passage that would unite Russia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. Finally, one of the main subjects is the launching of the Zangezur corridor.

The presidents are also expected to discuss oil prices and the situation on the markets.