Putin meets Assad, denounces foreign military presence in Syria

15:09, 14 September 2021
Putin meets Assad, denounces foreign military presence in Syria Photo:

The two Heads of State reunited in Moscow for the first time since 2015.

Russian President Vladimir Putin held talks with President of Syria Bashar al-Assad in Moscow on Monday. The leaders last met in Russia’s seaside town Sochi in 2018.

Before the talks, Putin presented his congratulations to the recently re-elected Assad for the fourth term.

The parties discussed the Syrian conflict which has lasted for the last ten years. Putin, who has been one of Assad's main allies in the war and considerably contributed to Assad’s advance in 2015, criticized the Western countries for being in Syria without the UN mandate.

“This prevents us from taking the most efficient measures to consolidate the country and to let it reach the maximum recovery pace. This would have been possible in case the whole territory was under the legitimate government’s control,” the Russian President said.

Some parts of Syria are still not under Assad’s control, including the north of the country, where Turkish troops have been deployed and which remains the essential area occupied by insurgents, or the Kurdish-controlled east supported by the US.

Assad has thanked the Russian President for his humanitarian aid to Syria and contribution to fighting against terrorism. He has also lauded the advance reached by both armies on the occupied territories.

He has equally denounced sanctions imposed on Syria, dubbing them antihuman and illegitimate. The US has toughened its pressure on the Syrian government to “make Assad find a political solution.”

A day after the negotiations, Putin’s administration announced that the President would self-isolate starting on Tuesday due to a growing number of COVID infected in his entourage.