Putin responds to Washington’s accusations of cyberattacks

19:33, 14 June 2021
Putin responds to Washington’s accusations of cyberattacks Photo: Sergey Lantyuhov/

There were a series of hacker attacks on the US facilities over the past few months, also including a ransomware attack against two giant companies (a Meat-producing company JBS and Gas Colonial Pipeline). Washington accused hackers which it presumed were operating in Russia of being behind the attacks.

In an interview to NBC, the russian president Vladimir Putin has replied to the allegations saying that Russia has been accused of any kind of a thing, such as election interferences, cyberattacks, etc. He noted that these accusations are unfounded because the occusing side hasn’t provided any evidence.

Putin repeated Moscow’s call to cooperate against cybercrimes and raised hope that two sides may set up the process. He was also concerned that the US, being a very modern and progressive country, could target Russia in such a way.

“The US is a high-tech country, NATO has declared cyberspace an area of combat, it means they are planning something, they are preparing something. So, obviously, this cannot but worry us. I'm not afraid, but I bear in mind that it is a possibility", he told NBC.

The results of cyberattacks were massive. The attack on the Gas facility on May 7th triggered a gas outage crisis among several US states. Despite the allegations that cyberattacks were made by the Russian hackers, the US president Joe Biden said that there hasn’t been any evidence.

Weeks later, the attack on the large meat producer, JBS Foods, led to the temporary closure of all the factories in the US territory.