Putin says Moscow is ready to restore partnership with Europe

17:05, 22 June 2021
Putin says Moscow is ready to restore partnership with Europe Photo: Kremlin Pool/Global Look Press

Today is the 80th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany. The president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin wrote an extensive article for the German newspaper Die Zeit, called “Being Open, Despite the Past”, where he made significant notes concerning the current situation in the world. He noted that the security situation was deteriorating, and it could lead to the new arms race.

"The whole system of European security has now degraded significantly. Tensions are rising and the risks of a new arms race are becoming real. We are missing out on the tremendous opportunities that cooperation offers – all the more important now that we are all facing common challenges, such as the pandemic and its dire social and economic consequences", Putin said in his article

According to the president, Russia aspires for beneficial relations with the European Union. Putin reminded about the Charles De Gaulle’s idea about the mutual cultural and civilized continent – “From the Atlantic to the Urals”, or “From Lisbon to Vladivostok”.

Moscow is ready for a resumption of partnership with Europe since there are many subjects of mutual interests, added Putin.

"I reiterate that Russia is in favour of restoring a comprehensive partnership with Europe. We have many topics of mutual interest. These include security and strategic stability, healthcare and education, digitalisation, energy, culture, science and technology, and the resolution of climate and environmental issues" he said.